rickruleToday in our final release of the Karl Hess series we have a summary of an interview taken between Jackson Stucker and Rick Rule!

Among the recent Karl Hess releases, I had the honor and privilege to speak with Rick Rule about his relationship with Hess. Due to technical and user errors, that video is unavailable. I extend my apologies to Mr. Rule. One thing that stood out to me was his sincerity and fondness in discussing his memories of Hess.

Rick remembers Karl Hess for his warmness. There was also an inherent humble nature to Hess. Rick first became acquainted with Hess while running the Eris Society’s conference in the mountains of Colorado in the early 90’s. Hess was a guest speaker at the conference, and at the time was battling congestive heart failure. Even in the late stages of the illness, his vigor among this group of anarcho-capitalists stood out.

Rick recalls the peculiar, yet revealing admirations that Hess held. Hess spoke very proudly of his association with both the Hell’s Angels and the Black Panther Party. Hess recalled to Rick an anecdote wherein he rode with the Panthers behind police cars to ensure that recently arrested activists weren’t abused by the cops and were properly booked. He similarly admired the self-regulatory nature of the Angels.

At different points in his life, Hess expressed his disdain for “capitalism.” Rick explains that this created no tension between Hess and the businesspeople he associated with. He had no problems with, but in fact great admiration for the innovative and self-made in the market. This was no different than his approval of the Panthers and the Angels. Hess valued autonomy.

The most poignant recollection Rick had about Hess involved Hess’s final instructions to the liberty movement. Hess thought that liberty greats ought to engage and “proselytize” with non-libertarians, but never in a combative or condescending way. The key going forward would be polite discussion. He also believed that libertarians must build their own paths to freedom, via wealth and/or lifestyle.

Rick’s memories of Karl Hess were heartfelt, informative, and inspiring. Understanding Hess as both intensely human and devotedly revolutionary is only furthered by the kind words that Rick had for him. What Rick had to share was a fantastic tribute to the friendship that the two shared. A big thanks to Mr. Rule from Liberty.me!

In the final of five lectures, Karl Hess looks at the big questions! How does liberty fit into your interpersonal relationships? What sort of emotional connotations does freedom hold? As Hess muses on life itself, you’ll learn about the essentials to living free, living happy, and living together.

In closing our Karl Hess festivities, we invite you all to head over to our library and download Death of Politics.

As Jackson writes in the introduction,

“The Death of Politics” was the public’s first exposure to radical liberty in the second half of the 20th century. There is no better way to expose modern libertarians to Hess than this rerelease of one of the most powerful manifestos in the movement. It was a seminal piece in a time before the Libertarian Party was founded, before For A New Liberty or The Machinery of Freedom were publishedbefore Ron Paul was a household name, and before the Mises Institute, Center for A Stateless Society, or the Cato Institute were platforms for great thinkers. Now, as liberty rises in an era of cryptography and 3D printing, it only makes sense to revisit this key article, and the man who wrote it.

First published in the March 1969 issue of Playboy, “The Death of Politics” laid out a clear vision of an antipolitical approach to liberty.

The Death of Politics” combined the counterculture’s rebelliousness with the optimism of the nascent liberty movement and the individualism of American tradition, and in doing so painted a marvelous portrait of radical libertarianism.

We’d like to thank everyone who has joined us as we resurrect the legacy of Karl Hess.



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