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Up next is Manuel Lora—part news editor, part podcast coordinator & producer, all media geek! has a constant feed of news links submitted to the site by both members and our team. That’s where Manuel comes in. As Media Maestro, he scans the series of tubes for relevant links—anything ranging from science and technology, to history and law, to fitness and health, to entrepreneurship and miscellaneous tidbits on culture; no matter the subject, Manuel helps make sure we don’t miss out on anything.

We also have a lineup of podcast shows on a variety of topics. Manuel helps edit, produce and publish them on our media site and to the feeds for members to listen. Manuel also assists with editing and branding the U videos as needed, as well as working with the A/V team.

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Now without further ado, let’s meet the man himself!


Tell us about yourself, Manuel! 

My family is from Peru and I am sort of a 1.5 generation American. Born in the US but have lived about half my years in Lima before moving to Louisiana for college in the mid 90s.

In terms of politics, though never a commie I was initially a bit of right-winger and supported atrocities such as the war on plants & people. As with most, I lacked a coherent theory on even my own views. That would soon change.

I was living in New Orleans in the 2000’s and started reading some of the works of Ron Paul and Ayn Rand. Then I discovered Austrian Economics, and that Professor Walter Block lived in the same city. From there, it was long sessions of consuming Hayek, Mises, Rothbard as well as Mencken, Nock and dozens of other works. In a few years, I realized I no longer supported the state at all and began to see it as an inefficient, unnecessary and aggressive parasite on humanity.

From then on I became an avid reader of blogs, books and articles from the major libertarian outlets. The internet was my new intellectual home. I still love it and try to learn and keep up. After Hurricane Katrina, my wife and I lived in upstate New York (gorgeous country; terrible government) and have since settled in Florida.


How did you get involved in the liberty movement? And what inspired you to join the team?

I have known Jeffrey Tucker for almost a decade and always wanted to work with him. Every so often I would, in jest, ask him for a job. Anything to help “the cause,” I would say! Finally, after many years of friendly pestering, Jeffrey offered me a chance to join the team.



On a glacier in the Peruvian Andes

What top three influential thinkers, writers, inventors, producers, or creators have influenced you most and why?

I love science and science fiction, technology, and photography and film. In terms of aesthetics I tend to like very calculated and symmetrical setups. Thus, Stanley Kubrick’s style was a perfect fit for my own preferences.

As I became a libertarian I was influenced by primarily by Rothbard and Mises. As I discovered various journals and blogs and social media sites, I enjoyed reading pieces by my “contemporary” peers: from Anthony Gregory on police and Stephan Kinsella on intellectual property, to Robert Higgs on war and our very own Jeffrey Tucker on the marvels of the market.


Do you recall a specific idea or argument that finally pushed you out of the nest of statism into the skies of anarchy?

There wasn’t a specific one. It was more a combination of various approaches and takes on freedom and the market, as well as the economic angle. Within a matter of weeks I had read the Tannehills’ The Market for Liberty, Rothbard’s Ethics of Liberty and various articles and shorter works by Mises (including Socialism), Hazlitt and Hoppe. I must have woken up one day and decided I was a political atheist.


Do you have any kids?

Benjamin (5) and Amelia (who just turned 3).


Concerning your views on (intellectual property) IP, does the photographer in you feel your photos are your property?  

No. You can only own the (physically) rivalrous/economically scarce means on which a pattern of ink is stamped (paper, glass, pixels, a coffee mug, film, plastic, cotton, etc.). However, the content isn’t ownable.


What’s the best moment you ever captured on camera?

Manuel Lora


What’s your favorite Sci-Fi film or TV series?

Of course as a libertarian one has to like Firefly to a fault, and forever hate the folks who cancelled it. Beyond that, no strong favorites.


Thanks, Manuel for all you do for the liberty world and!

To follow Manuel’s work, you can reach him via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on his publishing site.